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Roller brush for the proper use of the method of brushing the wall

In the home improvement construction, So how do you use it to achieve the best results, and how to properly use and maintenance of it, we need to learn it. In the following, we shall provide you a detailed description:


We use the roller brush, you must pay attention to use, wall paint roller brush is a major construction project construction tools. Various types of rollers were used in the construction of different paints, paint roller if flat, brushed rollers, rubber rollers, etc..


In order to achieve the desired effect of construction, construction workers to master the use of roller brush to maximize the effect of the coating roller brush, roller brush should also be understood maintenance methods, to extend the service life of roller brush.


Correct use of methods and procedures are as follows:


First of all, before brushing, roller required with new paint thinner to adapt, first roller soaked.


Then, in the waste paper or a clean wall roll off the excess paint. It is easy to paint the initial adsorption, and easy to clean the drum.


Roller dipped in paint, tube kit can simply dip half, then in the tray of the inclined board or mention of barbed wire barrel roll back and forth on it, the paint is completely infiltrated the sleeve. If insufficient adsorption coating can then dipped once more.



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