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Roller brush use and maintenance

Roller brush on the market today are mostly used acrylic cashmere, wool or foam material, such as Art texture paint roller brush, brushed roller brush, floor paint roller brush, flat paint roller brush, etc., used for large area coating roller is building decoration works an ideal tool. Roller brush can roll a variety of blending paint, interior and exterior paint, latex paint, art paint, paint, wallpaper wall paper glue and other materials, can brush a different texture, beautiful.

How to use roller brush : put a clean paint roller in a brush bucket. After it absorbed a lot.  you can roll on the surface. Paint in horizontal direction. You need to paint quicker with the paint decrease. Then paint in vertical direction. And then make it smooth. If you need polish, you can paint again.

The maintenance note of paint roller :the used roller brush does not have to wash clean. You just need to soak in water. Next day, you can still use it. When a project is totally completed, you can clean it by available gasoline or paint thinner , and can be cleaned in a paint tray, cleaning after drying the sleeve, the sleeve big loosen the fluff, so when stored fluff intertwined. When stored in brown paper to wrap up the sleeve, kraft paper slightly wider than the sleeve, the excess part of the stuffed inside the sleeve. Wrapped in plastic sheeting can also be used, but to punch the air circulation to prevent mildew. Shall be deposited in the sleeve upright, otherwise fluff will pressure marks, foam roller brush can not clean with gasoline, cleaning should be wrapped in paper.

In addition, the selection of drum sets need to pay attention to: plastic or phenolic core set is  easy to use than the thin cardboard, because it sets more firmly on the stand, especially reusable drum sets; no visible seams, which can reduce the surface opportunities arise streak; suede jacket in elastic even after being squeezed remain deformed.



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