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And a variety of organic solvents in paints contain benzene. Benzene is a colorless liquid with a special fragrance, so the experts call it "sweet killer." Paint with a paint brush when we must pay more attention. According to reports, benzene compounds have been identified as the World Health Organization strongly carcinogenic. People in a short time absorb high concentrations of toluene, xylene occurs when the central nervous system symptoms of anesthesia, light dizziness, headache, nausea, chest tightness, fatigue, confusion, there will be severe coma, resulting in respiratory, circulatory failure and death. Benzene mainly the skin, eyes and upper respiratory tract irritation, frequent exposure to benzene, the skin may be due to fat and become dry, scaling, and some appear atopic eczema.

National experts conducted epidemiological survey, workers in contact with paint, Alzheimer’s disease was significantly higher. And in recent years, a lot of labor hygiene data shows that: a mixture of long-term exposure of workers in benzene, aplastic anemia prevalence is higher.

According to the briefing, interior paint water-based paint and solvents are divided into two kinds of coatings. Pollution is mainly solvent-based paint, and the use of environmentally friendly water-based paint can completely eliminate the need for paint contamination concerns. China Coating Industry Association, experts believe that any solvent-based paint will contain 50% or more organic solvents.

Wall paint on the market today have adopted the most water-based latex paint, but the wood used in furniture is still widely used solvent-based paints.



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