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some basic knowledge about paint

In many places where we can see the paintbrush paint the crowd, we understand that some paint knowledge, for our better paint with a paint brush helps a lot. Talking about some of the following for everyone paints knowledge.

Paint is a firm can cover the surface, the protective, decorative, signs, and other special-purpose chemical mixture coatings. Chinese paint industry authoritative "coating process" a book is defined as: "The coating is a material that can be coated with different construction techniques in the surface of the object to form a strong adhesion, with a certain intensity, continuous solid-state thin film thus formed coating film is known, also known as the film or coating. "are organic chemical polymer material, a coating film is formed by polymer type. According to the modern classification of prevailing chemical products, paint belongs fine chemical products. Modern paint is gradually becoming a kind of versatility engineering materials, the chemical industry is an important industry.



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