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how to choose paint brush and painting tips

I believe we all know that brushing paint brush tool is commonly used, according to their shape can be divided into round, flat, and now the emergence of a width larger ceiling brush. Their production of materials can be divided into a stiff brush (bristle, horsetail, etc. made), soft brush (made of wool, etc.). Soft brush mainly refers to the wool row of pens, made with bamboo wear row, each row with 4-24 other. In practice, wood construction with a soft brush, mostly wool brush; rather stiff brush is mainly used for brushing and sanding paint finish cleaning.

  So, how to choose a good brushing paint brush to achieve the desired effect? From a professional perspective, paint brush bristles should generally be thicker hair Qi, root hard, soft head for the top grade. Intuitively, the longer thicker mane, bristles straight, neat dense and elastic, so that the quality of the paint brush up like construction. Early use of new paint brush when the bristles shedding, therefore, before brushing paint, paint brush should be placed on the 1st emery cloth, sand back and forth along the ground Qi, then dipped in a small amount of paint on an old painted object plane back and forth brush a few times, so that the floating hair, broken hair will fall off, to ensure that the object surface film aesthetics. Brushing lacquer and PU paint must be taken along the wood grain brushing, brushing back and forth is not available, not vertical and horizontal brushing.



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