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Paint damage on the human body

In the brush painting, I believe many of my friends have only thought of paint brush is good or bad, and not to paint the harm to human body, especially the paint some poor quality, is a great harm to the human body, the human understanding of paint hazards, health is of great help for paint.

One, by skin contact induced damage:

Organic solvent vapor can irritate the eyes mucosa and make people cry; contact with the skin will dissolve the skin oils and penetrate into the tissue, interference physiology, dehydration; and because of dry skin and dirt and bacteria infection. Table skin cutin dissolution induced by epidermal keratinization, stimulate the skin caused by swelling and bubble part. The solvent penetrates the body damage blood and bone marrow.

Harm two, via the respiratory induced:

Organic solvent vapor through the respiratory inhalation of the human body, people often have a narcotic effect. Most of the business after steam inhalation of the lungs, and then through the blood or lymph fluid transfer to other organs, causing varying degrees of poisoning phenomenon. Because of human alveolar area of body surface area more than ten times the blood circulation, and the diffusion rate very fast, often can have significant toxicity to the nervous system, respiratory tract, lung, kidney, blood and hematopoietic system, natural organic solvent poisoning via the respiratory induced phenomena, the most respected.

Harm three, through the digestive organs caused by:

The reason of organic solvent through the digestive business mainly caused, for eating, smoking in the pollution of solvent vapor or finger hole, its harm caused, first to suffer for the oral, into the esophagus and gastrointestinal, cause nausea, vomiting, and then in the digestive system, damage to other organs.



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