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Use a paint brush to paint,first need to work with the substrate.

Paint with a paint brush, paint brush is not to say you can directly holding the brush, the brush before the substrate is to be processed.

First, there is the oil iron substrates, have to use cotton dipped 90 # gasoline or Chen Hong alkyd thinner to remove oil from the surface of the substrate, and then polished smooth sanding machine or gauze.

Second, rusty metal must use a wire brush, emery cloth, sanding machines and other specialized tools grinding, rust, exposing new substrates.

Third, if the substrate lying acts of injustice, thin coating primer, filled with putty is dry, be dry polished smooth with emery cloth.

Four, the last to be with a clean cotton cloth to wipe clean the substrate, removing rust and dust, to ensure the substrate no oil, no rust, clean and smooth, to ensure that the primer coating adhesion.

In short, good substrate treatment, the effect will certainly be complete paint paintbrushes bring great help.



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