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How to reduce the lag brush paint brush phenomenon

The use of paint brush is not as simple as we think, in order to use a good paint brush, ways and means are needed, DaFuHao coating said: master the correct way to use a brush, brush to minimize the generation of stagnation .

    Many vendors will be in paint, write the correct specification of the construction process: the new brushes before use clean tap water to soak into and wetting, usually soak for 10 minutes to 15 minutes. Ideal method is: 1% detergent dissolved in water (preferably hot) soak brushes.

     Brush dipped in paint, the liquid up into the tank reaches half the length of the bristles, preferably 1/3 of the length. After dipping paint brush tip should touch tank wall a few times to make paintbrushes with paint full but not dripping.

     Paint brush when the line angle relative to the painted surface should be 45 °, in the construction of walls and ceilings, to the vertical line brush, brush away longer, the wall should be light. Painting wood, to the line parallel to the grain brush.

     When oil paint brush, back brush can improve the appearance of the film, but the paint brush, especially semi-gloss or gloss paint, do not back brush. Thick paint brushing requirements and good hiding power, cleanly line brush, in order to achieve good results.



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