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Eight Special Painting Techniques Of Paint Roller Brush

If you want something on your wall paint is more interesting than ordinary emulsion or eggshell , there are some of them need some additional tools , plus homemade or commercial oil-based enamel special painting techniques , you can use, and select the color.

Sponging relates to a substrate coated with one or more additional coating color obtained mottled finish. It should not be overloaded sea sponge to achieve. Began to lop the wall and gently lightly. Sponge off also uses sea sponge, but here ’s the paint is hanging on the wall first , wiped off. For mischief through the ’Print ’ to do color on the walls with a rag dipped in paint primer. Common cloth can be used, or for different effects , gauze, suede or pure cotton.

Close prank first involves painting with oil-based enamel on the wall , then smear the action removed. Rag rolling like a joke , but here are bunched up and rolled down a rag wet paint - not a simple technique to master. Also dragging including wet glaze work , but here , the paint brush is used to draw down the enamel leaving streaks effect. Close and rag rolling and pranks , the job is to use two people to apply a glaze and an application of this technique easier.

Printing is an ancient technique , and the desired mode you need ready templates and template stubby brush color applications. For best results , spray stencil should be installed in place to prevent it from moving . The printing can also be effectively used to achieve an indoor aerosol paint . Stippling involves wet enamel painting brush. A special stipple brush can be used, though many people achieve good results with a shoe brush . Color when washed , mounted on the first emulsion to a full strength color , with different colors randomly criss diluted with water and applied to achieve such an operation below .

Sputtering is a technique which gives a color point on the different colors of paint . It is implemented by the bomb paint on the walls , most likely it is loaded against the brush and hilting piece of wood. Several colors can be used to good effect .



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