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The common problems of using paint brush paint

In home decoration, I believe we always see a worker paint with a paint brush paint at there, the paint is an important step in home decoration. And some tough problems happened to you. So what kind of problem will happen? If we solve these problems, the decoration will be easier and easier.

First, paint bubbles

First, break the bubble , if the water out, that means the backside and underside has humidity. under sunshine,the water become steam. Then the coat of paint will get bubbles. At this time, use the hot air gun to remove blistering paint, drying itself, then paint again, and paint the undercoat. Finally, painting again on the repaired surface.

If there is no water in bubbles, it may be cracking wood, with little air. Under  sunshine,the water become swelled. Then the coat of paint will get bubbles. Under this situation, scraping bubbles first, and then filled resin fill cracks, re-painted, or without fillers. After scraping patent leather, direct coated microporous paint.

Second, cracks

Most of this situation we should use chemical paint remover or hot air gun to remove the paint, then re-painting. If the fracture is not large, can use sanding block or wet and dry sandpaper with water, paint rubbed off . After sanding smooth the surface, putty, brush on the primer, and re-painting.

Third, the paint peeling

May be the reason is that the surface is too smooth. If the original paint is bright or matte (plus untreated paste paint), the new paint of the surface is not stick strongly. The reason maybe is the decayed wood or rusty metal, as well as the poor quality of paint.

Small area of peeling paint, polishing by sandpaper first, then putty, paint the undercoat, re-painting. If large area of peeling paint, you must scrape off and all re-paint.

In a word, if you can use these knowledge well, you will great effects.



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