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Non-Linting paint brush is the most popular for workers

I believe that people are interested in observing life will know that such a thing, the more the paint brush we use,and this is a normal phenomenon,the more more brush they choose without non-linting. Why?


 Some workers  use poor quality paint brushes,always lint. When we use this kind of brush paint, the fur of the brush will on the surface of paint. the bristles will often hang on the surface of the paint, the paint film after the stay in the paint, the effect is the paint affected. So, when it should be possible to use the paint brush better quality paint brushes. If it is a new brush, but also pay attention to the hair brushes off easily knock out above it, or floating hair with a lighter to burn it.


I believe that through the above analysis, we should be able to understand why you want to select lint-free paint brush , only to learn more about some of this knowledge that better purchase and use of paint brushes better.




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