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Some of the paint brush is essential tips

with the continuous development of society, the usage of paint brush is wider and wider. If you want to buy and use paint brush,the following knowledge is necessary.



Wool brush, bristle brush, elastic wire brush, roller brush, mixed bristle brush.


Edit this paragraph production of raw materials


Paint brush with a plastic handle and wooden handle two kinds of handles. Plastic handle is a plastic injection molding. Wooden handle and wooden handle of wood qualities and oiled wooden handle. Paint brush with bristles main material, wool, and nylon imitation bristles, brush auxiliary Arima timber imports iron, small nails, glue.


Edit this paragraph purpose and scope


Mainly used paint brush paint brush. Coatings, glues very broad scope of its use in the home improvement, shipbuilding, aerospace, food. Archeology.


Some of the paint brush is essential tips, hope to be able to bring help everyone understand.



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